Meaghan Sands


—By Scott L. Miley

The Herald Bulletin

Scott L. Miley is a former managing editor of news for The Herald Bulletin.

The cast offers vibrant vocal renditions for this all-singing event. Of note, Anderson University alum Meaghan Sands, with an opera-rich voice, earns audience attention as the Baker’s Wife.

As she sings, her eyes scan beyond the stage, allowing the woods to envelop the audience.

-Ron Abel

Accompanist, Pianist

“Not only does she have one of the most unique voices I’ve played for, (in that deep good way) but she is a real hoot to rehearse with!”

-Josh Stackhouse


Meaghan Sands is a songwriter’s dream. Not only is she a versatile actress and a powerhouse vocalist, but she consistently demonstrates tremendous dedication to the work she’s given. She is among the most consistent performers I have worked with and she’s a consummate professional. She’s also just a ton of fun to be around. I’m almost hesitant to write this recommendation because I don’t want to have to compete for her time!

-Susie Mosher


Meaghan Sands Ungar is utterly unique and I loved every moment she was on stage. Funny, neurotic and a kick ass singer she had us all breathless. So glad she was at the party.